Air conditioning servicing and maintenance doesn’t just prevent costly breakdowns, it also keeps your system running efficiently. With the cost of many refrigerants on the rise, a servicing contract provides assurance you are maximising the return on your investment.

Whether specific to your air conditioning system or in combination with maintenance of other mechanical services, your servicing and maintenance contract should be with a partner who not only understands the complexity of commercial HVAC systems, but also the unique needs of your organisation.

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Air conditioning servicing isn’t just about cleaning filters. It’s about checking for potential problems and making sure the system isn’t costing more money than it should.
— Gavin Merry, 361 Servicing Engineer

Why should you work with 361 Servicing?

Smooth Operation

Overheating is a major cause of distraction and loss of productivity. Research shows office workers place being too hot above uncomfortable chairs and workstations on the list of biggest barriers to productivity, so effective climate control is essential in a professional environment.

But no matter how good your air conditioning system is, only diligent servicing can keep it running smoothly. Not only does cleaning and replacing filters help prevent the spread of harmful bacteria, but a qualified engineer also needs to check that there is no refrigerant leak on a regular basis.

Legal Compliance

Regulations change frequently, so you need a partner who knows what is necessary for your system and can help you stay compliant at all times. Under F-Gas rules, checks need to be carried out every 6 or 12 months, depending on the volume and type of refrigerant in your system. TM44 inspections, meanwhile, should be conducted every five years. These are concerned with energy efficiency and a financial penalty applies if you cannot present an up-to-date report.

Furthermore, manufacturers usually require servicing and maintenance at regular intervals in order for air conditioning equipment warranties to remain valid. If something goes wrong and you haven’t followed the manufacturer’s stipulations, you could be left with a costly repair bill. 361 Servicing’s engineers are qualified to carry out the work and complete the paperwork you need to demonstrate compliance with both regulatory and warranty requirements.

Proactive Partnership

Our proactive approach means you’ll always know when maintenance visits are due, as well as TM44 inspections and other legally required checks. A 361 Servicing engineer will assess your needs to help us create a unique contract, either as part of a wider programme or specific to your air conditioning system.

Our position in a larger mechanical services group also gives us the expertise to advise on upgrades and improvements to create long-term savings. As part of the 361 Degrees group, we work closely with design experts from 361 Consulting and with the installation team at 361 Degrees.


Why do you need regular office air conditioning servicing?

Air pollution levels are rising, so the built environment is becoming more important to health. We spend 90% of our time indoors, which means effective filtration can protect your employees from 90% of pollutants for 90% of the time. That means healthier, happier, more productive staff. Failing to regularly service office air conditioning systems can lead to:

- A risk of dust and mould building up in filters. Air is then passing through these filters, potentially spreading harmful bacteria;

- An increase in cases of sick building syndrome. Symptoms include headaches and fatigue, which can lead to loss of morale, absenteeism, and high staff turnover;

- Lower profit margins, as health and morale problems take a toll on productivity.

Facilities managers have the health of all the occupants of a building in their hands, so 361 Servicing works with a wide range of businesses to help ensure office air conditioning systems have a positive impact. When the time comes to replace or improve your equipment, we can guide you through the options and help ensure the effect on your day-to-day operations is minimal.

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