A heating, ventilation or air conditioning system is a significant investment for your workplace, one that you want to ensure works effectively long into its lifespan. A good maintenance contract helps to keep your environment safe, productive and comfortable, as well as protecting your investment by minimising the effect of a breakdown, but you cannot afford to wait until a problem arises.

Planning in advance for servicing, maintenance and, eventually, equipment replacement, can save you significantly in the long term. As a member of the 361 Degrees family, we have quick access to the parts and equipment you’ll need, as well as the project management expertise to provide complete peace of mind.

Why should you perform routine maintenance on your system?

Reliable performance: Servicing is recommended at least twice a year, once before the autumn season and again before the summer season. This ensures that your system works at its optimum throughout peak times.

Energy saving: A HVAC system can be one of the top expenses in the workplace. When your system works at maximum performance and is properly maintained, energy bills go down while indoor comfort goes up.

Cost-effective: Paying for an engineer to attend emergency breakdowns can be expensive, while an investment in preventative maintenance is minimal and often ends up paying for itself.  

Indoor comfort: HVAC systems impact the quality of the air we breathe. Regular maintenance to ensure accumulated allergens such as dust are removed means our indoor air is cleaner and of higher quality.

One of the most important reasons that companies choose to work with 361 Servicing is to ensure their investment in their HVAC system is well looked after. With highly skilled engineers, we offer a range of services that are tailored to your business and your system’s needs. But it’s not just about getting the most out of your HVAC investment, the 361 Servicing team also ensure that you meet ever-changing health and safety regulations and comply with HVAC legislation.

Staying compliant can be complicated, so building owners and landlords need a partner who can advise on the inspections and certificates they need to avoid fines.
— Alison Reed, 361 Servicing

Depending on the kind of HVAC system you have, inspections and accompanying certificates may be a legal requirement. 361 Servicing can help you arrange a wide range of inspections and help you produce the documentation you need to stay compliant.


Whether you’re running a business or managing a property, you can’t afford to be without a reliable HVAC system. A boiler or air conditioning system breakdown can bring a business to a grinding halt, but with the help of our highly qualified HVAC experts, we can quickly diagnose and repair problems so that you can be up and running quickly, with minimal disruption to your day.

Climate control is essential to productivity in spaces such as offices and education, so ensuring you have the right breakdown cover for your HVAC system can help prevent a dip in productivity, should you have any issues.


With any modern technology comes a lifespan, but with an effective servicing and maintenance programme, the life of your HVAC system can be extended even further. When you do finally find that your systems need replacing, we’ve got you covered, with access to the best products via our sister company 361 Degrees.

A reliable engineer can also warn you in advance when a replacement may be needed. Don’t leave it too late; our engineers can ensure that work is completed with minimal disruption, a far better solution than being without air conditioning in a heatwave.

Air conditioning servicing isn’t just about cleaning filters. It’s also about checking for potential problems and making sure the system isn’t costing more money than it should.
— Gavin Merry, 361 Servicing Engineer



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