Modern mechanical services equipment is undoubtedly built to last, and with a good service and maintenance program you will extend the longevity of your equipment even further. However, like all products, no matter how well maintained they are they will come to the end of their life at some point and it’s good to know what the warning signs are and at what point you should think seriously about replacing your HVAC system.

As a guide, we would recommend the following as reasons or signs that you should look at replacement as an alternative to repair.

Your system’s more than 15 years old

The age of your system isn’t the only factor in whether or not you decide it’s time for a replacement, however, it is something to pay attention to. The typical lifespan of a commercial HVAC system is difficult to assess as it depends on a number of factors – make, model, maintenance, environment and more – however, you should expect on average about 15 years of life with little need to do much more than service the system.

Your employees and/or customers aren’t happy with your current HVAC system’s performance

Like most business decisions, the comfort and happiness of your employees and/or customers should be a key concern when you’re deciding on whether or not it is time to replace your HVAC system. The right temperature in your environment and proper ventilation are key elements in worker productivity levels so if you’re concerned that your HVAC system’s performance is affecting staff or you’re getting complaints from customers, it’s time to think seriously about a replacement.

The cost of repairing your system will exceed 50% of the original purchase price

Very often, facilities managers and commercial property owners will decide to shelve the large cost of replacement and instead spend money on maintaining and repairing an older system. However, this can end up leading to a much larger expense when all of the costs are added together.

Your system has a track record of breakdowns and downtime

If your HVAC system has a track record of problems that often leads to downtime, it’s probably time to start thinking about replacement. In businesses that are reliant on heating and cooling systems, even a few hours of downtime can have a significant impact on your bottom line and productivity.

Energy savings from a newer system may help make a business case to retire an older, more inefficient system

Like your boiler at home, older commercial HVAC systems will become less energy-efficient over time. Wear and tear obviously makes systems less efficient, but also simply the fact that older systems won’t have the same level of energy efficiency due to technological advances. Technology improves over time with a focus on improving energy efficiency – not only the tech of the system itself, but also the thermostats and energy controls which can help businesses save hundreds to thousands of pounds annually.

A reliable, knowledgeable engineer can warn you in advance when a replacement is likely to be necessary, but the above are also tips to bear in mind if you are already thinking a replacement may be necessary in the near future. Importantly, if your equipment is beyond repair after a breakdown, we have the design and installation expertise as part of the 361 Degrees group to get you up and running again as quickly as possible with the most appropriate and efficient system for your business needs and your people.

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Replacing equipment at the right time improves life expectancy of the whole system, which reduces the risk of breakdown as well as cutting down your costs.
— Bevan Green, 361 Degrees

Expert Advice

Don’t treat the care of your HVAC equipment like going to the dentist. If you wait until you think you need it, it might already be too late. Our engineers are trained to spot potential problems and advise you on the best action, whether it’s replacing individual parts or full systems. 

In-house Skills

If your heating, ventilation or air conditioning equipment is ready for replacement, you need a contractor who understands your system and can act quickly. We work with 361 Degrees’ project managers, designers and installers so we don’t need to go far for replacement parts, or even complete systems.

Improved Efficiency

The time to replace equipment may also be the time to look at other ways to create the ideal environment and save money. Introducing combined heating and cooling systems or sophisticated energy controls can improve efficiency and slash energy costs. In the hands of the right designer, they can also make a huge difference to comfort levels.

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