Commercial Boiler Servicing and Maintenance from 361 Servicing

A servicing and maintenance contract for your heating system helps keep your environment safe, productive and comfortable. Whether an individual contract or part of a wider mechanical servicing programme, you need a partner who understands your building and your people. Our experience and expertise can improve efficiency now and protect your system for the future.   

One of the most important reasons companies work with us is to ensure that their investment is looked after. We know when servicing and maintenance needs to take place and are often able to spot and fix potential issues before you have a breakdown. We also ensure your system is compliant with all legal obligations and manufacturer warranties – a valuable service that can’t be underestimated when you’ve invested significant capital in your HVAC system.

If an unexpected breakdown does happen, you can trust that our team will be with you as soon as physically possible. Commercial heating engineers are difficult to come by last minute and their charges can be particularly high, especially if out-of-hours. Not to mention, if you find an engineer to come and look at your problem they won’t necessarily have the full details of your installation or your business, which means it will likely take them longer to identify, and fix, your issue.

Our engineers are experts in commercial HVAC and will get to know your system inside out. If you’ve already worked with our sister company, 361 Degrees, this is even more pronounced as we will have direct access to your original consultant and installation team. Regardless of whether or not our team installed your system, we will prepare for every site visit by referring to the original plan and confirming whether or not the controls and equipment match the original specification and intent.

Our team of engineers are also armed with the institutional knowledge to deal with any breakdowns, to quickly source any necessary parts, and to carry out the work to fix the problem with as little downtime for your business as possible. This gives our clients complete peace of mind and ensures a hassle-free experience each and every visit.

We offer a range of services, all tailored to your business and system needs, and all with the aim of keeping your business running smoothly and efficiently. Contact our team today to discuss and find out how 361 Servicing can help.   

If you wait for a breakdown, it might be too late. Heating systems need to be regularly checked for gas leaks and to make sure they’re running efficiently.
— Alison Reed, 361 Servicing

Learn more about Heating

In a work setting, consistent temperatures are among the most important factors in keeping your employees happy and healthy. What’s more, one’s environment actually has an effect on output levels and quality of work.

With this in mind, it makes sense that regular heating and cooling servicing and maintenance should be made a priority and should be a key part of your overall business plan.

Click on the articles below to learn more about our previous work as a commercial heating service provider and how temperature affects productivity at work.

Proactive Servicing

Thermal comfort is one of the most important factors in maintaining productivity, no matter where you work. In schools, effective boiler servicing reduces possible closures. Commercial heating systems also need to be serviced regularly to comply with legal obligations and manufacturer warranties, so you need a reliable, proactive partner to help you avoid any problems.

Reliable Advice

361 Servicing's engineers are qualified not only to assess for risks like carbon monoxide leakage, but also to ensure your system is using fuel as efficiently as possible. Running a commercial or industrial heating system is expensive, so we’ll look for ways to help you save, and advise you on how to stay safe and efficient between servicing calls.

Unique Partnerships

We’ll work with you to create a unique contract, with one of our consultants paying an initial visit to assess your needs. If you have integrated heating and air conditioning, or even separate systems, we’ll assign specialist engineers to keep things simple and efficient. And because we’re part of a wider mechanical services group we can develop future works programmes and suggest upgrade packages that save you money in the short and long term.

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