A better environment means lower absenteeism and improved performance. Regular servicing of a building’s heating, ventilation, air conditioning and energy controls leads to the consistency you need for people to excel.

Depending on your system, checks may be legally required once or twice per year, and beyond that, most system warranties only remain valid if servicing is carried out by certified professionals, so you want to ensure you’re covered by putting the right servicing and maintenance contract in place from the beginning.

Heating Maintenance

A servicing and maintenance contract for your heating system helps keep your environment safe, productive and comfortable. Whether an individual contract or part of a wider mechanical servicing programme, you need a partner who understands your building and your people.

One of the most important reasons companies work with 361 Servicing is to ensure that their investment is well looked after. Commercial heating engineers are difficult to come by at the last minute if things go wrong, and their charges can be particularly high, especially if you’re trying to reach them out of hours.

We offer a range of services all tailored to your business and system needs to ensure your system is compliant with all legal obligations and manufacturer warranties. Our team of engineers are armed with the knowledge and experience necessary to deal with any breakdowns, quickly source any necessary parts and to carry out the work to fix the problem.

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We spend 90% of our time indoors, which means the quality of the air we breathe when indoors is essential to our comfort and performance. An effective ventilation system provides an environment where people feel energised and it also helps prevent a range of health problems.

Whether it’s an office, hospital, school or other commercial environment, your ventilation system plays a vital role in keeping people alert, healthy and free of infection, especially in open-plan spaces. Regular servicing of your equipment keeps it in prime condition, so your staff, patients or students can excel.

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Air conditioning

Research shows office workers place being “too hot” above uncomfortable chairs and workstations on the list of biggest barriers to productivity, so it’s easy to see that effective climate control is essential in any professional environment. But no matter how good your air conditioning system is, only diligent servicing can keep it running smoothly.

Air conditioning servicing isn’t just about cleaning filters. It’s also about checking for potential problems and making sure the system isn’t costing more money than it should.
— Gavin Merry, 361 Servicing Engineer

Maintaining and servicing your air conditioning system should be as specific as the system itself, and working with a partner who not only understands the complexity of your system, but also the unique needs of your workplace and your people, plays an important role.

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Energy controls

Building management and energy control technology is constantly changing, and as part of a wider mechanical services group we need to stay up to speed. That puts 361 Servicing in the ideal position to advise you on upgrades and/or replacements that can help you save even more.

Research into energy controls shows better servicing could help save up to 30% on the cost of commercial energy. However, your building’s energy management system only stays cost-effective if it’s properly maintained. With a servicing contract from 361 Servicing you can help keep costs down, and ensure your energy controls are used to the maximum effect.

Our 361 Servicing engineers not only maintain your building’s controls for maximum efficiency, but also teach you and your staff how to operate them so that you can cut energy usage and keep an eye on your system’s performance.

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Air Conditioning



Energy Controls

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