We spend 90% of our time indoors. This means the quality and freshness of the air we breathe when indoors is essential to our comfort and performance. An effective ventilation system provides an environment where people feel energised and it helps prevent a range of health problems as well.

But without regular servicing your system can begin to spread contaminated, dirty air. Poor ventilation systems are a cause of sick building syndrome, which leads to sickness and absence, particularly in open-plan office environments. A 361 Servicing contract for your ventilation system helps promote health, creativity and productivity by maintaining a supply of fresh air.

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The air we breathe is critical to our success. Properly maintained fresh air ventilation systems prevent a range of health problems and are proven to improve performance.
— Simon Stedman, 361 Servicing

Why should you work with us?

Vital Systems

Whether you run an office, hospital, school, or other commercial environment your ventilation system plays a vital role in keeping people alert, healthy and free of infection. Regular servicing keeps your equipment in prime condition, so your staff, patients or students can excel.

Thorough Maintenance

361 Servicing engineers ensure ducts and fans are free of blockages. They also clean or replace filters to reduce the risk of spreading harmful bacteria and advise on how to keep your system running smoothly and efficiently between servicing visits, making it less likely any urgent callouts will be necessary.

Unique Contracts

Whether you need a contract for a standalone ventilation system or as part of a wider range of mechanical services, we’ll work with you to create a unique contract that helps you get the most from your system.

If your commercial ventilation system isn’t creating the environment you need, we can also call on the expertise of the wider 361 Degrees group. Their experienced consultants, project managers and engineers will design and install a new solution tailored to your building, and your people, to ensure your air is healthy and fresh.

Why is commercial ventilation so important?

A growing body of research is proving the importance of indoor air quality, both from a productivity perspective and in terms of the health of the occupants of a building. A World Green Building Council report highlighted fresh air ventilation among the key factors that help employees stay happy and less likely to miss work.

It’s obvious that making energy efficiency improvements will reduce operating costs, but arguably an even greater impact of green improvements are those felt by the people who spend their working lives in these spaces.
— Terri Wills, CEO, World Green Building Council

With outdoor pollution levels on the rise, building owners and managers have an opportunity to help protect people from the worst effects. Simon Birkett, founder of Clean Air in London, suggested buildings could become “safe spaces” if they offer effective filtration and urged owners to think about the “total cost” of these steps.

“They need to consider the overall impact on building occupants. The cost of filtration is tiny compared to the health and productivity of people,” he said.

With greater emphasis placed on health and the need to avoid harmful particles, building owners and companies that offer high quality commercial ventilation could set themselves apart from the competition. Click below to discuss your building’s needs with the 361 Servicing team.

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